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Henry Miller talks about his childhood in Brooklyn and the city today.  He was born in 1890, and this must be sometime in the 1970s.  What a great character, and one of the best writers about cities, or one of the most fun to read anyway.

I wonder what this was for, if he is reading, or what. Great, nonetheless.

One of my favourite writers. This is beautiful.

If you haven’t read Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, you’re missing out on one of the greatest mind orgies of 20th century American literature.

"A glance at that dark, unstitched wound and a deep fissure in my brain opens up: all the images and memories that had been laboriously or absent-mindedly assorted, labelled, documented, files, sealed and stamped break forth pellmell like ants pouring out of a crack in the sidewalk; the world ceases to revolve, time stops, the very nexus of my dreams is broken and dissolved and my guts spill out in a grand schizophrenic rush, an evacuation that leaves me face to face with the Absolute."