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This is officially the greatest infographic in the history of mankind.


Egyptian and Tunisian Revolutions in Carl Sagan’s “Earth the Pale Blue Dot”

This is…beautiful.

Sharing the power in Tahrir Square - Boing Boing

Technology bringing people together…literally.


An unidentified correspondent for PBS in Tehran noted:

What will happen Monday, history will record in less than 24 hours. The atmosphere is filled by suspense over the call for demonstration. Certainly the city is not calm. There were chants of “Allah-o akbar” across Tehran. People expect something to happen. Publicly, Mr. Karroubi and Mr. Mousavi have called for a demonstration in solidarity with the people of Egypt. Nobody thinks or believes this is about Egypt or will remain focused on Egypt. No wonder that their request has been rejected as illegal.

The Iranian government has denied the organizers a permit to hold the rallies, although many expect them to take to the streets regardless.

Protests are slated to take place from Tehran to Babol and from Shiraz to Isfahan.

A complete list of protest sites can be found here.

PBS’ Tehran Bureau has extensive live coverage as Iran gears up for the approaching opposition protests; they can be followed here.

As of early Monday morning in Tehran, shouts of Allahu Akbar (God is Great) and “Down with the Dictator” were heard ringing out across Tehran:

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