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The beginning is near.

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Coast Salish natives opening today’s Occupy Vancouver movement.

One of the #OccupyVancouver organizers speaking earlier today.


Easily the best Occupy Wall Street video yet

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Really now?


‘A Frightening Time in America’: An Interview With David Foster Wallace

Ostap Karmodi: Do you feel we’re living in an age of consumerism or is that just a media concept that doesn’t have any real meaning?

David Foster Wallace: This question, as you know, is very complicated. I can give answers that are somewhat simple and I can really talk only about America, because it’s really the only society that I know. America, as everybody knows, is a country of many contradictions, and a big contradiction for a long time has been between a very aggressive form of capitalism and consumerism against what might be called a kind of moral or civic impulse.

Photo: Steve Rhodes

Read this please. Troof.