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Great bit on identity. Watch the whole thing. Great stuff.

Sunflower Hour was one of my favourite films at VIFF two years ago. It had me doubled over from laughter at points. It was a locally-made indie film (local filmmaker, cast, and crew) and was very well done in terms of acting, comedy-timing, and production quality. I’m dying to know how and where I could try to get another screening of it.


At 91, Betty White is still one of the best comics standing. Happy Birthday Betty!

HBD Betty White, you hotty!

Toonces is the original lolcat.

…was the ultimate middle-finger to the state of modern-day American pop culture.

I have no doubt in my mind that those guys are glad they’re not on the air anymore. In fact, they relish in the fact that people beg for that brand of comedy to return to the air and their refusal to do so is a “told you so” to the trigger-happy corporate morons that took them off the air in the first place. The geniuses behind Arrested Development would not have had it any differently. They’ve become modern legends of an era long-forgotten in American entertainment.

In the 70s we had successful alternative comedy TV shows like Saturday Night Live (alternative back then) and Monty Python which appealed to a slightly more high-brow and more intellectual crowd, something we nowadays shun as being “intellectual elitism.” I guess if it’s not for the mass, it’s not for consumption.

Thus we have chosen to settle for stupid low-brow humor with dull edges instead of thought-provoking comedy with sharp wit.